Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris Lutemakers
Catalogue and Price List 2017

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Stephen's son Robert lives and works with his wife, Charlotte, in Maun, Botswana, and has set up his own guiding company, Golden Okavango, specialising in private guided tours in Botswana'a famous sites, including the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert, Chobe National Park and the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans; Robert can also arrange tours to the Victoria Falls in Zambia (near the border crossing of Kazungula, between Botswana and Zambia). The site has recently been updated and improved, and has a large range of new and exciting images, so that the visitor can get a good 'feel' of what Robert and Charlotte are doing:

Gary Southwell, classical guitar maker, specialist in copies of 19th Century guitars, and a brilliant innovator; Gary is an old friend and colleague:

Pete Oxley, jazz guitarist, archetier (violin bow-maker) and raconteur par excellence is based in Headington, Oxford; source of many of our best jokes. Pete's site is at present devoted to his activities as a jazz musician, and lists upcoming gigs and CD releases:

We haven't known violinist extraordinaire Lizzie Ball for more than a few years, although it seems like much longer. She is a pivotal force in Classico Latino and Eclectica, ensembles well worth going to see. You should hear her live, singing The Girl From Ipanema or River by Joni Mitchell, then play stunning solo runs on her violin; go, girl.

She's doing rather a good Veronica Lake on her homepage:

Light Entertainment (mock your favourite musician type here):

Robin Carter is an old friend and colleague of Stephen's from our college days together; he runs a timber supply business, Timber Resources, based in Milland, near Liphook, Hampshire, England. A specialist in European timbers, Robin's expertise and knowledge are second to none.

Brian Payne, lutenist; Brian studied lute with the late, great Tom Finucane:

Violinmaker Marc Soubeyran, an old friend and inspiring colleague, launched his website in October 2010:

Eric Wilhelm Kleinmann, specialist maker of early harp. Eric is a good friend and colleague, we often find ourselves attending the same exhibition:

Ut Orpheus Edizione, Italian music publishers - lute, vihuela & baroque guitar music; our preferred suppliers of parmigiano, when they're not attending horrid recorder 'festivals' where gangs of insane recorder 'players' compete to see who can play the 'brown' note loudest (for an explanation of the 'brown' note, refer to South Park):

Andrew Maginley, lutenist, theorbo and baroque guitar player; we met Andy through Pat O'Brien, who was his first lute teacher. Andy's site features a copy of a 1680 Voboam guitar we made for him, which has Sandi's Pegasus brandmark clearly visible:

Carl Willetts, a member of the Canterbury Waits, has posted images of Sandi's late father Tony Harris, on his website:

Emma Curtis, contralto; Emma often works with Andy in addition to pursuing her own career:

Arto Wikla, lutenist, decent human being and all-round bon-viveur:

Kingham MTM Case Co; based in Essex, but don't hold that against them – they make the best cases around:

Our good friend the Dutch viol-maker Bert Dekker, whom we often stand next to at exhibitions; Bert is based in Vries, just south of Groningen:

Helmut Pöser; master violin-maker based in Regensburg, and a good friend; Helmut offers a range of baroque instruments, as well as inlaid fingerboards and tailpieces:

Anssi Mattila, Finnish harpsichord genius and beer expert (his collection of Belgian beer glasses rivals Stephen's collection of 200+ German Weißbier glasses; it's probably accurate to say that we have each drunk our way – as it were – through all of our respective glasses):